Whats is an ideal Age Gap with a Ukrainian woman? CQMI Dating

Whats is an ideal Age Gap with a Ukrainian woman?

06 July 2020

Tips and advice on how to make your search experience with CQMI Agency more enjoyable and to understand some local views on life by an ex-pat living in Kyiv

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Firstly, start with your own age and be very realistic regarding the age of the woman you would like to date. We are not saying that large age differences do not work. They do, but in all honesty they are a rarity. We have all seen celebrity weddings where older rich men marry a young beautiful woman and we mentally think “sure they married for true love!!!!!!!! Her love of his wallet!!!!!!).

Whatever age woman you look for then you will find a wide range of very attractive and intelligent ladies of ALL ages here in the CQMI Agency portfolio. But please always try to be mindful, that in general, Ukraine is not a high salary payer and even though the cost of living is in general far lower than most other European countries many woman can have monthly salaries falling between a $500 to $1,000 range and we the “foreigner” can be seen to be rich.

Dating in Ukraine : please make an honest evaluation

So from personal experience and I am writing it as an honest evaluation from mine and friends who have experienced dating in Ukraine. I am writing this paragraph not as a deterrent but what I would call a checklist as I have met (I will be honest the number is few) that did not do their homework before travelling a long way which ended up costing them a lot of money and heartache. On the other side, I have many friends that used dating agencies such as this and have now married and enjoy a good life.

So, to me, firstly decide what age woman is good for you. If you are an older man and decide young is beautiful then go for it but always keep to the back of your mind “does she like me or does she like my wallet?”

If you are of the let’s say middle to older generation…

Secondly, and this is a tip that I give to some of my older let’s say fuller figure friends. Look in the mirror at yourself and try to be honest and ask “why would a stunning beautiful young woman be interested in me”?. I made this statement that even though Ukraine is a fantastic country with beautiful friendly peoples, it still does have a very small percentage of bad apples. If you are young, then certainly there are many intelligent young women around with good to fair looks and passable english. If you are of the let’s say middle to older generation then equally many attractive and intelligent woman can be found on this site who would make any man happy to romance and hopefully lead on to a happy marriage.

QUIZ : Measure your chances of success with a Slavic woman

if you are middle aged and even older

Ukraine and its major cities are very embracing and welcoming, unlike many cities and countries I have visited during my life and when you take a lady out for let’s say for a dinner or nightclub they are in the main non-judgemental and people will not look at you strangely if you are middle aged and even older. I have friends in their late 70’s early 80’s who still hit the nightclubs and stay dancing until the early hours with many woman of various ages and it is treated as normal. Very occasionally there will always be some old woman who takes offence and will mutter something to your date as she walks past you in the street but it is a rarity.

select your age group carefully

So to me select your age group carefully. In my case this vast age difference was not for me, although I have to say, that my second Ukrainian wife is what could be described as a younger “woman”

That being said, there is still a huge market of beautiful, intelligent and in many cases hard working Ukrainian woman, of all ages, who are truly seeking a husband and would give that man a wonderful loving relationship built on love and trust.

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