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4 Advantages of International Dating

05 November 2016

I'll tell you an amazing story that happened recently. A businessman in his forties, small, shaved hair, comes to meet me at my office in Montreal. He is possibly interested in the idea of ​​meeting a woman in Ukraine. His main concerns revolve around immigration and he asked me lots of questions about how it works to bring a woman in Canada. I explain the steps and he listens to me with attention. I see him deeply absorbed in his thoughts, he looks in the vague. After a moment he broke his silence: "If I understand it is much safer to marry a woman who comes from abroad. "Without waiting for an answer, he gets up and leaves. A few weeks later this same gentleman calls me a bit annoyed and says to me: "You know Antoine I met by chance a beautiful woman in Quebec City during a business cocktail, and I really like her. However, I know absolutely nothing about her. I do not know if she is married, if she has children, if she is a serious woman, in short, I only know her first name, and her phone number. Could you please prepare for me a list of the criteria verified by the Canadian immigration because I want to get an idea of ​​what is important to check. "Obviously, it's not my job, so I did not answer. But let us see all the undeniable benefits of marrying a woman who comes from Ukraine or Russia rather than from your own country.

All the verifications made by Canadian Immigration for you

Anyone cannot just decide overnight to come to Canada, even as a tourist. They must show their credentials. The verifications to get a tourist visa are quite important and even more demanding when you talk about sponsorship. Not limited to, Immigration checks criminal history, work experience, previous relationships, children, health status and all sexually transmitted diseases, the short list is long. Imagine just a minute to make such request with a woman you meet in your own country.

The role of the assistant during meetings

This is a unique opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of an assistant during your meetings in Ukraine. Imagine the chance to have a woman besides you who advises you in choosing your future wife. A woman does not let fooled by the tricks of another woman. Your assistant, with the excuse of the language is an asset that you might not have if you met your spouse on a free dating site.

A long period of familiarization before marriage

By choosing to marry a woman from a foreign country, you have to be patient because Immigration Canada forces you to. You will have to wait for your love to learn English or French. You will also demonstrate several months of living together and activities in couple. It is an obligation for you to meet the deadlines imposed by law. So you will not be exposed to a rash impulse that could make you lose a lot.

The mentality of the Slavic women is on your side

Have we sufficiently repeated in our articles? Cultures of the Slavic countries respect the men and his role in the family. Is it not a key advantage to feel loved and valued in a relationship?

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