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3 reasons to watch 3 reasons to watch Matchmaking Agency CQMI- Tony Robbins

3 Reasons to watch Tony Robbins I am not your Guru

25 August 2016

This powerful documentary allowed me to wake up after the understandable state of fatigue that followed our romantic trip to Ukraine. This Tony Robbins seminar is a journey to the heart of oneself, a unique chance to find your true identity. As a NLP coach (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Anthony Robbins devotes one day of his seminar Date with Destiny to the question of relationships. I really like his direct approach, it is hard-hitting, honest, sincere and respectful of gender differences.


What strikes most is the way in which T. Robbins hits hard without any Bullshit (excuse the word). With him you know what is really happening and without decoder. Its transparency is unequivocal and that is the brutal reality that the 2,500 attendees came to get, the one that concerns them all. Face reality, grow, change, this is not easy because you have to accept to ask yourself very deep questions. All this is, I think, the approach we have chosen with our dating agency. We want to offer our customers the reality and transparency. This means for us to show you our successes and our failures. This also means that you receive from us, whether on Facebook or in our Youtube channel raw information, sometimes thoughtful, sometimes not.

This also means for you that you will receive the correct feedback from our team. If your photos are unusable, you will know. If you behave inappropriately, you will hear about it too. Our trademark is transparency. And when you see the results of Tony Robbins, no doubt there is a public that is willing to pay to hear the truth.


Your Couple’s Vision

What was my surprise when I heard Tony Robbins ask his audience:

- What is your vision for your relationship?

A question you hear so often in our videos. To get to the real relationship, it takes an infinite courage, he says, because it is the place in which you will feel the more vulnerable. It is also in the love relationship that you will have the greatest reward in your life. Remember the video on my definition of love.

It is also a sadness to see how men in developed Western societies have forgotten to behave like a man and the demonstration with the analogy of the Lion and sheep is really terrible ...

Finally, the end of the documentary and the liberating cry

The last fifteen minutes of the documentary is terribly intense, deep, emotional. This is the proof that the transformation has done its job and that energy goes into the body. This is proof that truth actually change people’s life, that courage is rewarded, that love changes us. In the last video we saw Marcel’s courage who decided at age of 66 to go meet love in Ukraine when some young men don’t have the same courage. The courage to overcome your fear will bring you further in your life and this is the program that we offer in our dating agency CQMI! 

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