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Men from all countries, lets wake up!

10 April 2016

Since women in western countries have set aside men on the shelves, what is left of our masculine values in our modern society? Remember not so long ago when we could watch on TV the masculine images of Kirk Douglas in Spartacus or Clint Eastwood in the western. What have we become? Why men today live alone in the fear of the other sex?

Indeed, what’s a Man?

Deep inside, all men from all the countries know what it means to feel like a man. When you actually feel like a man you really feel good. Archetype of a man is strength, force, rock (like women like to say in Russia). The Man is a warrior who hunts and come back home with the meat of the animal that he hunts fiercely. The man is strong, he protects his family and his children. He uses his intelligence to serve his community and as a result he can feel his own value inside the society built with women. Men and women have their own respective role to play. So then what happened? Why did the men lose their place?

Women’s revolution

In a prosperous society like ours, women understood fast enough that masculine’s values like strength, war and courage are not really essential. Diplomacy is far more efficient. Men can play at war but it’s not really useful. Feminine intelligence step by step replaced the authoritative figure of men with a softer figure but far more terrible: Justice. Justice is the judgmental look of the society, the glaive which can destroy you at any time. You just need a judge with a black robe to destroy someone’s life. In our modern society, in the name of Feminism, women have decided to take control back. And who could accuse them? Isn’t it easier to rule?

Then What is men’s place in the modern society?

Men are not stupid, they clearly understood that masculine’s values are not so popular those days. So men tend to apologize, and feel useless. Men quite don’t understand what is expected of them now. At the same time women feel strong and take more and more control. University are deserted by men to the profit of women. Media constantly relay information to help develop feminine values and discredit masculine’s values. Men isolate themselves, they refuse marriage, refuse children, they live in fear and try to hide themselves. All the marks are lost in the modern society which does not require his courage, strength and authoritative figure. Women say on the media:

Why should I bother with a man if I am fine by myself?

What future for a society which destroys masculine’s values?

In a modern society all is automated. You eat, sleep, take the bus, metro, your car. When your car is broken you take it to the garage. When you are hungry, you call the Pizza delivery. Everything is great... When something goes wrong, catastrophe, women are disoriented, far more than men. Have you already seen a woman who lost her mobile phone? The society which destroys masculine’s values is exposed to serious dangers. Terrorism should alarm us. Blind violence which destroys everything is not listening to the rule of the beautiful so called Justice!

Men, Let’s wake up!

Why should we be scared of the other sex? Why hide ourselves in caves? Why not engage the dialog and assume who we really are? Men are useful in the society as much are women are. We have to express our needs with our language. We must stop to be afraid. Men are strong, brave, courageous, warriors, engaged in competition. Men represents the figure of authority! Let’s take what is meant to be our.

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