Irina, Woman from Garmisch-Partenkirchen, speaking English, French, Russian ID:8348

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Age44 Capricorn
Height175 cm
Weight50 kg
Hair Colourbrown
Eye Colourbrown
Last Visit2023-05-31

Marital StatusDivorced
Children in householdYes
Children in householdSon (9)
Children wantedNo
Education2 University Diplomas
Professionclinical psychologist, yoga teacher

About myself...
I am Irina, a beautiful girl with brown hair and brown eyes from the city of Dnepr. I was born in Dnepr, Ukraine.
I am feminine, kind, sociable, goal-oriented.

I am currently practicing as a clinical psychologist, teacher of hatha yoga and qi gong. Professionally, I am proficient in massage and chiropractic techniques, which I have used since childhood, and studied these subjects in college. I am a student of Sanskrit. I imagine my family as an opportunity of joint actual development, knowledge of healthy and athletic way of life based on moral values... I have something to share with my partner, moreover, I can help with my knowledge and therapeutic skills to organize family space in a healthy way, to fill it with harmony, if this person is ready to change, and work on himself... my interests in development: peculiarities of human consciousness, so i studied medicine, philosophy, psychology, study of cultures, which help to maximize the impact of our life, to achieve success in this life.... I am proficient in body-oriented therapy techniques that help teach our body and mind to relax as much as possible..... I want to find a serious and kind man, and this is the reason I registered with this marriage agency in 2018. I registered with an international dating agency to meet a man who has passed the test: the CQMI agency. I believe in love without borders .
Hobbies and Interests
I am a Slavic woman born in Ukraine. I lead a healthy, active, sporty, traveling, walrus, daily training, vegetarian lifestyle for 17 years. I study Vedic culture, I follow the principles of purity, non-violence....
Searching for...
I am a Russian-speaking girl living in Eastern Europe . I am inspired by men who have spiritual and social goals, who actively move towards their objectives, who have developed voluntaristic, independent, inveterate, responsible, resolute qualities... I am not inspired by men who smoke, drink, laze, who have no goals do not think about their existence, inert, passive, deceptive, with reduced moral standards .....

mail [email protected]
viber icon +1 514 794-5053
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