Inna, Ukrainian Woman from Odessa, Perpignan, speaking English, French, Russian ID:7585

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Age46 Capricorn
CityOdessa, Perpignan
Born inOdessa, Ukraine
Height161 cm
Weight51 kg
Hair Colourred
Eye Colourgreen
Last Visit2022-08-12

Marital StatusDivorced
Children in householdYes
Children in householdSon (15)
Education2 University Diplomas

About myself...
Hello I am Inna, a romantic single red hair (hopelessly redhead, but I can materialize into a blonde :) girl with green eyes from the city of Odessa in Ukrainе. Maintenant je suis en France dans la ville de Perpignan.
J'ai un fils, il a 14 ans et nous sommes les meilleurs amis. Am cheerful, friendly, I am serious, but often smile and joke. Lead a healthy lifestyle. I love traveling, meet new interesting people, also I like good books and films, sit with friends at the fire, look at the water and swim, wander through the pine forest and the simple joys of life. I am looking for a serious relationship with the help of CQMI Matchmaking agency to be your Ukrainian wife. I come from Eastern Europe[/url]. [/en]
[fr] Bonjour, je suis Inna, une fille célibataire romantique aux cheveux roux (désespérément rousse, but je peux me matérialiser en blonde :) aux yeux verts de la ville d'Odessa en Ukraine. Maintenant je suis in France in the town of Perpignan. I have a son, he is 14 years old and nous sommes les meilleurs amis. Je suis joyeux, amical, je suis sérieux, mais je souris et je plaisante souvent. Menez une vie saine. I'm a voyager, a rencontrer of new people intéressantes, I'm a lover of books and films, I'm an amis au coeur du feu, I look at the water and nager, I promener dans la pinède et les joies simples de la vie. je recherche une relation sérieusehttps://www.cqmi.fr/fr/agence-de-rencontres-a-Odessa]agence de rencontre. I am inscribed in an international matrimonial agency to help me find a family: the CQMI. Je crois à l' amour sans frontière . [/fr].
Hobbies and Interests
I am a Slavic bride born in Ukraine . I understand art, fashion, I like sports, fitness, pilates, swimming.
Searching for...
I am a single Russian bride looking for a man. I will recognize you when I meet you :) you are an interesting person, decent, self-sufficient, sincere.

mail [email protected]
viber icon +1 514 794-5053

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