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Tatiana, Ukrainian Woman from Khmelnytskyi, speaking English, Russian

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Age42 Cancer
Born inSyktyvkar, Russia
Height161 cm
Weight79 kg

Popularity Index Low


Marital StatusSingle
Children in householdYes
ChildrenDaughter (18)

StudiesDEP/DEC universitaire (professionnel/technique)
Profession Seller

About me

Hello I am Tatiana, a single blonde Ukrainian lady with gray eyes from the city of Khmelnytskyi. I was born in Syktyvkar, Russia.

"I am self-confident, self-sufficient, open, sincere, kind, honest; observational, discerning; Responsible Cheerful, smiling; I clearly know what I want; Faithful, caring, perfectly cook; Creative, romantic, feminine; I love enjoying life and having fun with everything I do that surrounds me. As for the work, I am a leader, very valuable and the best worker, purposeful, pedantic, excellent speaker and motivator; I have a competent laconic speech, I know how to negotiate and agree with the interlocutors; Feel good people; I have an analytic mindset.
I am very serious about creating a family. It's very important to me. I want it!
I dream of a strong, friendly, cohesive family, where reigns, first of all, love, trust, mutual understanding, care, support.
At our house always tasty smelled freshly, healthy food; Home hurry after work, study. Houses are always waiting and always happy to meet. At home you can relax and switch from everyday fuss. The houses are always clean, fresh and cozy. We are accepted to hug each other, talk about love to each other, talk about everything in the world in a confidential environment and tell about the events of the past day.
I believe that the task of women in the family-to create a home comfort. Woman-she is the keeper of the family hearth. The woman cares about cleanliness, order, preparation of food... At the same time, she always remembers about herself: she is beautiful, well-groomed (engaged in sports, visits beauty salons); He is engaged in self-development (spiritual and intellectual). She can go to work if desired, but her family (husband!, children) is always in the first place.
The woman always has time for herself, except for home cares, and therefore she is always attractive and interesting to the man.
The task of the man is to be earner and to provide his family with everything necessary, to pamper his woman with signs of attention, flowers, gifts, with pleasure to fulfill her desires, to be generous to her. He always pays enough attention to children and his wife in the evenings!!! He walks with his wife to the restaurant for dinner for two; They attend performances, concerts, opera, ballet.... He's trying to spend the weekend with his family. He has time for himself when he can relax in a male company. "

I am looking for a serious relation with the help of CQMI Dating agency in Ukraine to be your Ukrainian wife. I live in Eastern Europe.
Interests and hobbies

I am a Russian bride born in Ukraine.
"Spiritual development and personal growth. I love to read, to get knowledge, to improve.
Study of foreign languages (I dream of fluent English; learn some other language). I love dancing! I want to dance Latin American dances.
I dream of being vegan. I am for a healthy, active, harmonious way of life!
I love walking. I dream to ride a bicycle (cycling).
I love to travel! I love taking pictures. I love helping people, making their lives happier! I adore when, thanks to me, people change the perception of life, and they look at their lives from the standpoint of acceptance, joy and gratitude for everything they have. I dream of being princess "
...Looking for

I am a single Russian bride looking for a man.
"I am attracted by smart, wise, intellect developed, educated, literate men. It is important for me that a man live with God in his heart to live according to the laws of God (not necessarily a Christian; I'm not a fan of rituals. For me, the main thing is spiritual content); For me, the presence of children, their age, if they are. A man must be a successful, held, self-sufficient person, free in his desires and possibilities; He is a business man, ready to grow and develop, to multiply and improve what already has; It is open to a new, promising; He is ready to become even more successful in his business. He is cheerful, friendly, smiling, charming; He is a great leader, organizer, motivator, in the business of a fair and demanding, intelligent, perceptive, observant, honest, decent. He wears business suits and always smells like expensive perfume.
He leads an active, healthy way of life, takes care of himself, is engaged in sports; Likes to travel and hike.
He is a strong, reliable, confident man, experienced, healthy, passionate.