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Our agency is renowned for its personalized service. We must meet you in person in order to better target and understand your needs and expectations. Furthermore, our procedure is characterized by its confidential aspect because we think it’s important to respect our customers’ wish for privacy. Also, please note that this entire procedure is perfectly legal.

1 — Picture Session

Pictures will be taken and a complete survey filed to identify what kind of profiles you are looking for.

(Authorisation to check on your marital status and criminal records: $200)

2 — Contract and Selection of the Profiles

The customer choses his preferred profiles and we will contact our partner agencies to ask for the womens' agreement. If a candidate agrees, our customer writes a letter to explain his choice and motivation.

Download the pre-contract

1 — The candidate's agreement

As soon as a candidate gives us her agreement, we will inform the customer and put him in direct contact with the candidate.

2 — Communication

You will exchange by email or Skype for a maximum period of two months in certain conditions, with possible extension.

Independent meeting or meeting in presence of witness (optional)

The customer will meet the candidate in her home country or in a neutral country. If the customer requests assistance by one of our consultants, we can arrange this.