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Are sexual relations in a mixed Anglo-Slavic couple different?

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    The Slavic woman is as we know an object of the fantasy of many men in the West. These fantasies are due to an image that has been given of Russian women in Western films and media since the end of the Second World War. Through many films, through the adaptations of the works of the greatest Russian authors to the cinema, including for example Doctor Jivago (Boris Pasternak, 1957), adapted for the cinema in 1965, Anna Karenine (Léon Tolstoï, 1877), having been adapted for the cinema many times, in particular in the versions of Alexandre Zarkhi and the actress Tatiana Samoïlova (1967), or the French one of Bernard Rose with the actress Sophie Marceau (1997), the very many films of James Bond, the agent of Her Majesty the Queen of England, for example with the character of Tatiana Romanova (Bons baisers de Russie, 1957), the examples would be very many of these Slavic women, fatal women, models for haute couture moreover not necessarily Russian, note Adriana Karembeu, the ex-wife of a prominent world champion footballer 98, not less famous model from Slovakia, and the list would be very long.

    This fantasized Slavic woman has settled in the English landscape over time, though sometimes undervalued reporting, or films, comedies, in the distorting scope of the media on Russia and Ukraine, for example around political figures like Yulia Tymoshenko, of the current President of Croatia Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, who, although far removed from the culture of the North Slavs (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus), brought the sensual image of the Slavic woman to life during the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The Croatian President had such a seductive power that her presence significantly eclipsed the stars of the moment, namely the football players on the pitch, was the subject of camera attention, a real ephemeral passion on social networks, with the very wide distribution of sexy photos of the president wearing underwear... which in reality had nothing to do with the Croatian president, but were those of an American Coco Austin, her real name Nicole Natalie Austin, actress and charming model from California! This fantasized image, even if it is false or biased, is deeply rooted in the Western imagination, particularly in Canada. Reputedly incredibly beautiful, with an unequalled harmony in the plastic, frightening shapes, she is strangely in the public rumor, in the so-called counter tops supposed to be a bland, clumsy and tasteless lover.

    Is the Slavic, Russian or Ukrainian woman sexually inferior to Western women?

    This contempt for Slavic women found in the corners of the media, in various reports, in the smell of bad novels, in political propaganda, smells furiously, and we are sad to say so, a certain amount of bad faith on the part of Western women in particular. If you started a discussion with a woman in a English-speaking country about the Slavic woman, you would systematically have an impassable barrier in front of you (at least women who had never seen and lived in Russia or Ukraine), around the myths and legends of the Russian prostitute woman, misguided, unethical, but also inexperienced, of an empty shell where the brain mass would have passed through the bra, not to mention of course the idea of immorality with its roots in theft, fraud and manipulation. This Slavic woman would therefore be willing to sell all or part of herself for money or gifts, for her own pleasure, and even worse would be a deplorable lover, without any notion of the true act of physical love, a simple brutal embrace and hardly torrid the space of the beginning of a sexual act. If you tried the otherwise unlikely experience of a discussion of sex and the Slavic woman, chances are that your caller would end the angry conversation and a vindictive speech on her lips.

    The subject of sex and Slavic women remains hidden by the secrets of the alcoves, the distortion of fantasies leading essentially to "pornographic" visions, deforming loupes feeding on all rumors, of an Arabic telephone telling of the exploits or experiences "of my brother-in-law's first cousin who travelled to Romania"... With this type of testimony, the unconscious of men no longer even pays attention to reality, by ignorance Hungarian women become Slavic... as well as Romanian women, but in reality there are three large Slav families in the world..: the North Slavs already mentioned, the South Slavs with the former Yugoslav and Balkan countries (Serbia, Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Bulgaria) and the West Slavs, in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This historical and geographical reminder has its importance and in the Western imagination however, the Slavic woman is basically somewhere in the East, she is drowned in a great whole or on the other hand, the Russian woman sits at the very top of a sort of hierarchy of the subconscious mind. For many, Russian women dominate their neighbors by the force of their country, history and culture. This is a crucial difference between Russian women and their Slavic competitors, who must, more or less, be satisfied with only having the role of cousins who are almost as beautiful, or just as beautiful, but not quite as "intelligent", not quite as "exotic", not quite as "successful". It is of course an opinion distorted by the weight of the images, consented or imposed that we have received from the Russian woman and as for the sexual aspect of relations with a Russian, or Ukrainian woman, the experience of those who have lived it and who honestly can talk about it, completely contradicts this urban legend, not the Russian and Slavic woman is not sexually inferior to the Western woman.... and it would probably even be the opposite!

    Slavic women and their relationship to sex, a significant difference compared to Western women.

    We are well aware when we write these words that a shield can be made against us, stolen from wood and thrown tomatoes, which precisely mean that testimonies like the one I am about to bring are often buried before they have even been heard. So certainly, I am only a little Englishman, I have not had many conquests in the Slavic world, but no more so than in the Western world. My experience has the merit of being, I do not claim here to have infused science, but I also have some weapons to defend my point of view. First, I was married to a English woman, a relationship that lasted 12 years, I lived continuously in Canada until my 36th year, I have three children, two of whom are in Canada, I am married to a Russian woman and our relationship has lasted for 10 years, I have lived in Russia since then, in the interlude I have visited various Eastern countries, including Hungary, Moldova, Ukraine, Poland. In my "Canadian" life, I have to admit that I did not have bad sexual relations with my partners, but that I kept some, even and especially in my marriage, a certain dissatisfaction, a lack and a guilt, the one that I would have asked too much or expected too much. What I didn't know was that in love, and of course not to mention unworthy and dirty practices, we never ask enough, and we have to give a lot, share and offer to receive. Having had relations with women other than my Canadian wife, compared to my current situation and my "Slavic" background, I must affirm the obvious superiority of the Slavic woman... over her Western counterpart.

    What makes this sometimes-enormous difference is first of all that the Slavic woman is truly sensual and demands a harmonious and physically rich relationship in a love story. Never in my Canadian life have I ever known women capable of picking you up for "a big hug", waking you up for the same reason, surprising you during the day, where to let yourself be carried away by moments of tenderness at incongruous moments, surprising you by its warmth, its sweetness and by the obvious pleasure... to give you a lot. After 10 years with my wife, what still surprises me as much as ever is that we are not tired of each other, the erosion normally evoked in the West of a fall in desire and relationships after 2 or 3 years, beyond 7 and 10, all this seems to be totally out of time in my relationship with my wife, in terms of the things that firmly cement our relationship but is only a component of our love. It is obviously an important component, with no shadows. I have never been refused, and obvious pleasure I have never imposed on my wife, I have never heard that fatigue, a migraine, another reason was an obstacle to an embrace. This feeling that I have kept in me for 10 years, it is therefore an enormous message from my Russian wife, of an immense love, always alive, vivacious, always warm, always tender, always ready to live this warmth in a concrete way. Also important, as I often like to repeat tender and everyday words to my wife, I have not received any criticism at any time, for example on the fact that these words should be kept for rare moments (and why not?), or worse that these words should almost never be said, which I have heard in Canada, not to mention the barriers, of course. What I have known in my personal history is first of all the barriers imposed by the Western women who were with me, and then the constantly open arms of a Slavic woman, never tired, always loving, never tired of me, and that I can tell you that it is called LOVE. I am very sorry myself for the women of my country of origin, and this discovery was for me for a long time the discovery of questions, was I alone in the case where other English-speaking men in couple with Slavic women could confirm what I was going through?

    Canadian, English, American, Australian men... and Slavic women, the sparkling duo.

    On this point, my surprise was very great to see when I spoke to other English-speaking men around me, all married or in a couple with Russian or Ukrainian women, that Slavic women had been created... for us from Canada, United Kingdom, United States or Australia... Almost all these men told me the same story, sometimes of conjugal desert, of emotional poverty in a couple with solid appearances, then by the force of things and the hazards of history having known the El Dorado of Slavic women. So, this is not a myth and if I were accused of embellishing reality, I would say that too many of us have seen it for our opinion not to count. So certainly, once or twice, I met English-speaking men who were not "sexually" satisfied with their Slavic partner. But they were far from being the majority, much more a minority. If, on the other hand, you were to receive the confidences of Russian women, they would tell you that the Slavic man, in the construction of the societal and demographic pyramid of the Eastern countries that we are talking about, has different mores than English-speaking men. He literally throws himself at his partner, it is a bestial and animal embrace, often without a beginning or even an end. Many Russian women will not have experienced orgasms before they meet you... a Russian will indulge in a wild and energetic embrace, will not even know how to kiss with his tongue, nor even often how to use caresses, with his own hands and you would be surprised at the incredible banality and sometimes filthy ignorance of the Russian man regarding lovemaking, it is often a total indifference or ignorance, a dramatic gap.

    If Venus is despised by Russian men, at best ignored, you will of course know that it takes everything to make a world, and that there is everything in our world. Expert lovers will of course be found in Russia and Ukraine, as well as frigid and cold women, but my opinion for having lived it and living it is that the proportion, the quantity of Russian women or Russian men in the description I have drawn up, is quite a majority. I cannot explain this, nor can I even understand how, in Canada for example, women would have become poor mistresses. Perhaps the paradox is that pornography is rampant in Western countries. This pornography has not much to do with the sexual act of love, it also misleads about "norms" and "sizes", exposing fairground animals, as "monsters" were exposed in 19th century travelling circuses. It is also surprising that according to the propaganda spread everywhere, the Western world would be in terms of women's rights, their place in the forefront of society, where women would live best, would be the most considered and the most... paid. It is also funny and sad to recall Antoine Monnier's words on the fact that in this same Western world, the ambition of many women, unconsciously, is to take the place of men. Would a heterosexual couple with both genders but two men in their heads really be sexually viable? It would therefore be interesting to dig in this direction to discover the reasons for what makes dislove in Western couples, and when we talk about disenchantment, it is of course about the senses and bodies.

    In a few decades, the exponential progression of the sexist cause may have wreaked unsuspected havoc in the opposite direction of a situation where women were only an object, a thing possessed and used. From this sometimes blatant and often unfair situation of inferiority, we move on to the completely opposite system, and in the process Western women lose most of what made them "their assets", not the least of which is love. Secondary objectives have indeed passed before the primary ones: those that make up the happiness and the essential part of a man's or woman's life. Career, money, consumption, control, manipulation, domination of the other, these are objectives that are now more interesting for women, placing love, motherhood, solidarity, education, the osmosis of a couple on the bottom line, for real and trivial profits, supposed concrete advantages, shown as progress. In fact, the Western woman has lost the most part of her charm, her charms, her sensuality and the very essence of love, that of the heart, mind and body. This big emptiness also explains a lot the drift of many men towards pornography "in self-service", even in more serious cases towards deviances This abandonment of the English-speaking woman of sexuality, her disdain even to the point of absurdity, means that the Western fantasy of the Russian woman has a bright future, and that wherever Russian and Ukrainian women pass... the image of Western women passes away forever!

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