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Interview with Oksana : Slavic women think different

Interview in English

Oksana embodies the beauty of Slavic charm, she is an enthusiastic, beautiful, intelligent young woman who speaks five languages ​. This Ukrainian woman wants to meet a man to create a home in which her husband will like to come back after work. By declaring that the Slavic woman has much to learn from man, she comes to make us reflect on the vision of the couple in the West with feminism. Slavic women are somehow different...

She explains that a man must dream of his russian wife to want to go home to be with her.

It is important to have common values ​​and goals in the couple. Women in Ukraine want to create comfortable living conditions in the family home. Of course this is life, there may be contrary opinions in the marriage between the man and the woman but they must try to remain good partners.
Oksana, this beautiful woman from Eastern Europe tells us that woman as a woman has much to learn about man, which is a totally opposite vision of the Western woman's vision, Opposes man in his feminist struggle. Women have to open their eyes and seek in man his own personality which is extraordinary.
No one has the right to change anyone, as a woman born in Ukraine, Oksana wants to make her man grow in the right direction as he is naturally.
A woman, whether she is in the western Europe or in Ukraine, must never be completely dependent on a man, she must have her own work. The family is in first place then comes the career and finally the rest of my distractions. In the couple and marriage in general we should strive for a healthy balance, "she explains with her beautiful blue eyes. See the false prejudice about Slavic women.

While traveling in different European countries, Oksana has noticed that men in France, Switzerland play a more active role in the family by spending time with children.

The slavic woman, on her part, must be resplendent with love and happiness. In education the father must make decisions and the rest of the family follow his or her judgment to avoid educational problems with children.
For an immigration and a successful marriage with a foreign man who lives in a European country or in Canada, the woman of eastern europe must strive to learn the language and traditions of the host country. Comes her husband. The time will also come for the Slavic woman to find her work.
The man who seeks a woman in a marriage agency in Ukraine must also understand that he will be the only support for his Ukrainian wife when she will be with him in his country.
The communication takes place first by email to check the compatibility and then comes the real meeting in person.

By signing a contract with our international dating agency, Oksana understood the stakes of a sentimental relationship at a distance with its advantages and disadvantages.

Interview in English 
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