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Yulia, Ukrainian Woman from Kiev, speaking English, Russian

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Age31 Scorpio
Born inIzmail, Ukraine
Height166 cm
Weight60 kg
Hair Colourblond
Eye Colourgray

Popularity Index Medium


Marital StatusSingle
Children in householdNo
Children in household
Children wantedYes

EducationUniversity Diploma
ProfessionArt Director-Directrice artistique

About myself...

Hello I am Yulia a, a romantic single blonde Ukrainian girl with gray eyes from the city of Kyiv in Ukraine. I was born in Kiev.

I'm sociable, I like to work in a team. Currently I work in the photo sphere; -Video production. People consider me optimistic and proactive. I am a lucky person in life, and now I want to find good luck in love. I am confident in myself, artistic and like to be in the spotlight. Friends say that I am the soul of the company.
I am always positive and try to surround myself with the same kind of people. I laugh and smile at every opportunity. Nevertheless, I know when and where it is necessary to be serious, and I respect this quality in others. I'm faithful and caring. I believe that we must contribute to society and help others. This is how I describe myself. At the same time, my relatives and friends would describe me as brave, energetic, sociable and very, very sweet. I'm not quite sure about bravery, but they're friends and relatives, so they know better, do not they? I have a dog of the breed German Boxer, she is 2 years old, is called Elektra. I really like Italian food. I love pizza, lasagna and pasta. I also like Japanese cuisine - various rolls and sushi. I basically do not like cooking. But if I have to, I'll do something with vegetable. I like to travel. I Was in Lithuania, Denmark, Poland, Greece, Hungary, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, Egypt. My favorite season is autumn or cool summer. I like that the overcast weather, wind, rain, the atmosphere is cool. At the weekend, I read. I like Doing sports. I like Walking. I try to get out more to new places, neighboring cities. Do something else that I did not do before. I have tattoos: Astrological sign of scorpion, inscription "Absolutely stunning", Maori patterns, hieroglyph Dragon... I am looking for a serious relation with the help of Matchmaking agency. I come from Eastern Europe.
Hobbies and Interests

I am a Slavic bride born in Ukraine . I love dogs, classes in the gym, fitness, dancing. I go in for sports 1-2 times a week. I have Great interest in computer, software and technical innovations. I like to travel. I Was in Lithuania, Denmark, Poland, Greece, Hungary,
Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, Egypt.
I like Walking with dog. I try to get out more in new places, neighboring cities. Do something else that I did not do before.
At first, I can be shy, but once you know me better, you
You will see that I am a good man with a cheerful disposition. I love cinema -
no matter what genre. I like to stay at home and watch a movie.
I would like to think that I am resourceful, clearly expressing my thoughts,
intelligent person, but by and large it's up to you. I can
speak a variety of topics and enjoy the smart and interesting
conversation. Optimism and a free spirit are inherent in me.

Also, I'm a little obsessed with a healthy lifestyle. When I think about my
partner, I think of a man who can support the conversation, regardless
whether the conversation is stupid or serious. A man who knows who he is
such that he wants, and what things in this life really matter.
I have a lot of interests and to list them all, I will need
Too much space. Therefore, I will mention only a few of them: photography
and travel (I would really like to go to Paris and do a few
beautiful pictures), outdoor activities (boating on a
the lake can be such a pleasure!), training (TRX does me a lot and
very happy) and shopping (I'm a woman, first of all). Love dogs.
I love make-up and do it professionally, I go to style school.
Great interest in computer, software and technical innovations.
My credo: We live as long as we strive to achieve our goal.
Favorite music artists: Beyoncé, Rihanna, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj,
Kanye West, Jennifer Lopez.
Favorite books and authors: Tina Sylig "Do Yourself", Dave Eggers "Sphere", "
Margaret Atwood "The Story of the Servant".
Favorite films: Christopher Nolan "The Beginning"; Lana Wachowski, Lilly
Vachovsky "Matrix (trilogy)".
I have tattoos: The astrological sign of the scorpion, the inscription "Absolutely
stunning ", patterns of Maori, hieroglyph Dragon.
If it is clear to you that we have much in common, write to me
a couple of lines and maybe we'll meet one day.
Searching for...

I am a single Russian bride looking for a man. I need a man that's right, uh. Nothing will be asked, just put on your shoulder and take you to the bright distance. Had an internal rod. Self-sufficient. Caring. Clever. It is necessary that he was a good enough storyteller and quite a pleasant interlocutor. Important that the man was able to cook, to be friendly, had friends, loved dogs..