Elena, Ukrainian Woman from Kiev, speaking English, Russian ID:4040

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Age40 Leo
Height162 cm
Weight44 kg
Hair Colourlight brown
Eye Colourgreen-blue
Last Visit2022-12-11

Marital StatusSingle
Children in householdNo
Children in household
Children wantedYes
EducationUniversity Diploma
ProfessionMusician, music teacher-Musicienne

About myself...
I am Elena has a beautiful Ukrainian daughter living in the Kiev region of Ukraine near Russia. I am registered in the dating agency CQMI for single Slavic women from Eastern Europe.
I live and work in the most beautiful city of Ukraine, the beautiful green Kiev. I am a very creative person. By profession, I am a musician, singer, and I cannot imagine living without my favorite passion. I am vulnerable, energetic, curious. I want to give attention and also I want to receive attention. I am looking for a man who will respect my interests. A man with whom it will be easy to solve problems. I don't have the possibility to find the man in my country, so I'm thinking of trying with the help of the marriage agency. I am from Ukraine with strong family values. I dream of a beautiful future with my future husband in a serious relationship and marriage.
Hobbies and Interests
I am a young Slavic girl born in Ukraine who lives in Kiev, Eastern Europe, close to Russia . I like to attend operas, museums, art exhibitions, attend Philharmonic orchestras and listen to symphonic music. I like swimming, especially in the sea, walking in beautiful parks, forests. I love taking pictures.
Searching for...
I'm a single Ukrainian girl living in Ukraine in Eastern Europe. I need a man who has the following qualities: sociability, with potential, blood temperament (desirable), with tenderness and care, responsible, self-confidence and confidence in his actions, dynamism, desire to love and to be loved, desire to have children. I really want to create a lasting serious relationship.

mail [email protected]
viber icon +1 514 794-5053

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