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Age30 Aquarius
Born inKropivnitski, Ukraine
Height165 cm
Weight54 kg
Hair Colourbrown
Eye Colourgray
Last Visit2022-06-20

Marital StatusSingle
Children in householdNo
Children in household
Children wantedYes
Education3 University Diplomas

About myself...
My name is Victoria, I am a beautiful single girl with blue eyes and brown hair from Kropivnitsky, Ukraine. I was born in Kropivnitskiy, Ukraine.
Education: pedagogy, psychology.
My name is Victoria, I am now professionally engaged in psychology and esoterics, and this work is fully realized by me, I am very interested in questions of the universe, something beyond the material perception of the world, I believe that every man comes to Earth with its mission :) I am an introvert, I value time alone with myself as well as the quality of communication with intelligent and interesting people, I am not a fan of small talk.

I am an optimist, I try to see the positive side in everything and more often than not I succeed :) I can be proud of my sense of humor and I am a very cheerful person who can make everybody laugh :)
In terms of work and activities I am very strong-willed and persistent, but in relationships I prefer to leave the initiative to the person. I like reading, I can't live without physical activity (sports, dances and simply long walks in a wood), I like travelling, I dream to visit all countries of the world, I like to laugh, I very much appreciate people with whom our sense of humour coincides, I am ready to forgive them everything :)
I am looking for a serious relationship with CQMI dating agency in Ukraine.
Hobbies and Interests
Psychology, esotericism, philosophy, dancing, gym, learning something new every day.
Searching for...
I like men who are goal-oriented, confident, I like their passion for their work, when a man burns with envy of his business, his profession, it gives me respect, again, they are smart, educated and wise. I'm more of a quiet introvert who prefers to spend evenings at a book or at the gym rather than at a party. I also like men who have a sense of humor, I find it possible to get my consent to marriage, so I laugh about it. Preferably a man who is also interested in spiritual development, or at least understands and accepts me, a professional esotericist, instead of turning his nose up at my temple. I like men who take the initiative in relationships, after all, I am a representative of the old patriarchal school about family, not a feminist. And, of course, men for whom close, lasting relationships and mental intimacy are more important than variety, like for me.
Age: up to 45 years.
Education: higher education.
Presence of children: Not important.
Religion: Does not matter.
Appearance: Well-groomed and trim, athleticism, healthy lifestyle.
Location: Does not matter.

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