Evgeniya, Ukrainian Woman from Kremenchuk, speaking English, Russian ID:14682

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Age41 Gemini
Born inKremenchuk, Ukraine
Height167 cm
Weight74 kg
Hair Colourblack
Eye Colourdark-blue

Marital StatusDivorced
Children in householdYes
Children in householdSon (20)
Children wantedYes
EducationUniversity Diploma
Profession manucurist specialist

About myself...
Hello, I am Evgeniya, a single Ukrainian woman with blue eyes and black hair from the city of Kremenchuk. I was born in Kremenchug, Ukraine.

As my father would say, oh, you won't be bored with our Female)))))....if we talk about my values, then most of all I don't like lying and hypocrisy...Unlike modern ladies, I don't even approximately pursue the goal of catching an oligarch...I appreciate people's devotion and purity of relations, no matter how banal it sounds.

I am not selfish in relationships, I consider myself a mirror, a person. People around me get exactly what they give me. And if a man gives a trivial care and a sense of confidence in the future, in return will receive a guaranteed loyalty and a woman who turns life into a holiday.
I am looking for a serious relation with the help of CQMI Dating agency in Ukraine to be your Ukrainian wife. I live in Eastern Europe.
Hobbies and Interests
I am a Russian bride born in Ukraine.

In the life of every person there comes a moment when his interests change dramatically...I can say that today I began to appreciate those moments that were previously invisible to me (of course, due to the busyness, but still (((((((((())) I found that the autumn walk in the park is filled with such colors that I did not notice for many 38 years (.trips to the sea were filled with new sense for me ... I with pleasure will share pleasure to admire the underwater world of the Red Sea with the favourite person ... my chosen one will not be upset by that at us preferences to different styles of music)) I listen practically all) )))) it can be both Whitney Houston and heavy rock ... cozy family evenings will not upset the love for different genres of movies) I'm happy to watch a movie with Kevin Costner, and also will not give up a tense film with Anthony Hopkins. If at night my man wakes me up with a proposal to go to Tula for gingerbreads, I will only be glad that he is such a madman))) Despite the warmth with which I relate to his cat, I understand and respect the proposal to get another pet))) because everything is very simple ... for two should be one world ...
Searching for...
I am a single Russian bride looking for a man.

The man I'm looking for is the exact opposite of modern narcissistic bodybuilders. Gymnasium visits not to admire their own splendor, but to be a healthy person. My man will please me with a bouquet of daisies bought from my grandmother at the market because on the way home he misses me crazy, to give me a dear, duty bouquet of roses will not be characteristic of him. He will want to please me by buying a fur coat not for force, but to make the woman he loves warm. My man will go out of the house and miss me, not having time to close the door ... Wake up for him will be happy, because he will want to just see me around and hear me.