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Еlena, Russian Woman from Ryazan , speaking English, Russian

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Age36 Aquarius
City Ryazan
Born inKiev.Ukraine
Height171 cm
Weight64 kg


Marital StatusDivorced
Children in householdYes
ChildrenDaughter (11)


Studies2 diplômes universitaires
ProfessionCustomer service specialist in a pharmaceutical company - Spécialiste service clientèle dans une entreprise pharmaceutique

About me

Hello I am Elena a single brunette Russian bride with brown eyes from the city of Ryazan in Russia. I was born in Kiev, Ukraine.
I believe that people are like puzzles.

Finding your puzzle is a very important moment in life and great luck. Only then the picture of the world becomes complete, and real. I think that there is no need to limit the search for your man within the "next street", the globe is very large, so I decided to start my search on the other end of the world. In my relations, harmony, respect, similarity of views and values, the opportunity to be myself, and of course mutual attraction, are of the greatest importance for me. All this gives birth to Love. And my main priority is my family. Beloved and close people are the greatest value, joy and pleasure... I want to build a serious relation with the help of marriage agency. I am a Russian speaking girl who believes in love without border . I am looking for a serious relation with the help of CQMI Dating agency to be your Russian wife. I come from Eastern Europe.
Interests and hobbies

I am a Slavic Bride born in Russia. I am a versatile person, I have many interests. I like active recreation, traveling, kayaks, cycling. I attend the gym and lead a healthy lifestyle. In my spare time I study Indian astrology, read books on Eastern philosophy and psychology. Also, from time to time I conduct charity projects for people in need and devote some of my life to this. This is only part of what I like. In general, I just love life in all its colors and try to surround myself with beauty every day.
...Looking for

I am a single Russian and English-speaking bride looking for a man for marriage. Now I'm divorced, my first marriage was unsuccessful.
When I first got married, I was very young for this important and responsible step. Me and my ex-husband were people with different views on life .

I have a beautiful daughter - a small pretty Lady. She is very smart, creative, kind girl. She also needs a good happy family

In my future husband, I am looking for several qualities.

The first is kindness. When I was 20 years old, I did not think about it, but now I'm sure that a big and kind heart is very important for life and for the family.

The ability to be understanding, compassionate and gentle is very much a value for me. I think I also have a kind heart. I like to help poor and homeless people. And I think it's very important not to be indifferent to people.

Of course, honesty is very important. I really do not like lying, and I'm always honest with people.

I want a reliable, strong, caring partner. A man who knows what he wants and has internal and external stability. The man with whom I can feel protected, with whom my femininity and inner beauty will fully open, to every day to please and inspire my beloved husband.

I think difference in the age should be not more than 12 years. I think that this is good for mutual understanding between partners.

The world is a very fascinating place for me, I am an active person. I do not like to sit long time on the couch, or lie on the beach. Although sometimes I like to stay in silence, calm, watch water or fire, flowers and insects, or meet the dawn, just be an observer.

I study Indian astrology, I am interested in different religions, I like to travel and immerse myself in the culture of the place where I am at the moment .

I can't imagine my life without spiritual growth. It is very important for me to constantly develop. I love to meditate, and occasionally attend Vipassana courses that last for several days. This is a complete immersion in myself, I can not use the phone or talk at the courses, it is a very interesting experience. I like to visit India, there are a lot of interesting people and places.

I work for an Italian pharmaceutical company. I work at the level of the Ministry of health and public procurement in hospitals. My work is multifaceted, and it requires a lot of skills and professionalism.

I am a romantic person, for me aesthetics and quality of life, what surrounds me is very important. I like to always be in a good mood.

I like tasty and healthy food, if I cook food, it's always something exquisite. I have not eaten meat for 7 years, but sometimes I eat fish and seafood. If my partner will eat meat, this will not be a problem. I respect the personal choice.

I like to sing, I have a good voice and I use it in the company of friends or in the shower.
I am willing to take care of my man, support him and share life with him in all its manifestations.

I think that the struggle for the identity of the sexes in the modern world is very controversial. Man and Woman are different in nature, physiology, we have a different way of thinking. we will never be the same in these aspects, but men and women, I'm sure, have the same value for the world, for the family, we have the same importance for each other.

We do not have to compete with each other, but we can complement each other's lives and be happy together! Respect and love - for me this is the only right way in a relationship.

I want to give my future beloved man a woman's softness, tenderness, care, compassion and love. I want to be like a team with my future man, to inspire each other, to support each other, to lift each other up. We should look at the same direction, not to compete with each other.