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For several months, the Quebec Centre for International Marriages has been accompanying men living in Val d’Or in their search for love. We are the first dating agency that offers you international dates with women from Eastern Europe.

Are you lonely or unable to find love? Have you tried to meet women with traditional values, such as desire to build a family or distribution of male and female roles in a couple?

Discover today the services of our dating agency. Check out the profiles of our candidates: Russian women, Ukrainian women, or Kazakh women and meet your other half.


Val d’Or: a city with a mainly male population

Created in 1930s, Val d’Or is a city with more than 32000 residents. Extensively industrialized, the city has been developed because of gold mines located in this region. The population is mainly masculine, and, following numerous requests.

Listening to and accompanying men living in Val d’Or, we have seen several similarities and major defaults in their love lives:

  • Loneliness that makes their personal daily lives difficult
  • Strong desire to build a family based on a solid love relationship
  • Search for traditional values that their future spouses would share


You too, discover how the dating agency QCIM can help you find love starting today.


Discover the process of our dating agency

Our experience has enabled us to create a dating process that allows you to maximize your chances of meeting your love. This process is divided into 4 steps enabling you to search for and find your future spouse:

  1. Contact our dating agency to set a meeting date
  2. Meet one of our counselors who will understand your request and open your file
  3. Contact one or several candidates and start communicating with her, if the interest is mutual
  4. Meet your special one during a trip in Russia or Ukraine (as an option)

The rates of our dating agency have been established to allow you to build mutual and, especially, lasting relationships. Contact us today for more information, we are at your disposal to help you find love.

QCMI Profile Integrator Article Val-d'Or EN

Woman Ukrainian Anna 9127
First Name Anna
Age 26
Woman Ukrainian Irina 7687
First Name Irina
Age 28

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