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Traditional Ukrainian woman Anna- second part

Interview in English and French

In this video you can see the second part the interview with Anna. Moreover, Antoine Monnier gives his comments on life conditions in Ukraine, the Ukrainian traditions and gender roles.

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In this second part of the Interview with Anna, we discuss interesting themes like immigration in Canada for Ukrainian women and also the theme of Canada. Pay attention to a surprise at the end of the video !

Discussed themes :

1. Canada and Nature, level of life

2. roles of men and women in the couple

3. how to react if she meets a man who has children

4. How would she choose her partner of life

5. Pay attention to what she is telling you, all the information is in the details !

Immigration and law if you want to sponsor your Ukrainian or Russian wife:

If we get married and she divorced after a few years, am I responsible ?

- Yes but you need to pay attention to the detail of the law. Since 25th October 2012, CIC Canada brought some modifications au Règlement sur l’immigration et la protection des réfugiés.


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